Autumn Inspiration: In Memory of Amri Djamiun (Sawahlunto, 28 February 1951–Jakarta, 8 October 2016)


Autumn is a season which represents release and maturity. I have read that somewhere, I can’t remember where exactly, but by what our family is going through now, I am beginning to understand what the metaphor is all about.

We are here in the month of October, a month in the season of autumn. Our family has been going through a difficult time these last few months, my uncle from my mother’s side had been stricken by illness. On October 8th we lost him.

Just like a lot of families in the big city of Jakarta, bad traffic, long working hours, tons of school activities make the extended family a thing of the past. Families just don’t connect physically but through social media messages when they have the time. So as you can guess, I hardly saw my uncle. Only in important family occasions would I see him—during weddings, funerals, or Idul Fitri family gatherings—and sometimes, like most teens, I’m there because my mother had dragged me there.

Although we don’t meet as often as we should, I remember my uncle, “Om Amri”, as I would call him, as a friendly man who likes to chitchat with a sense of humor and a distinctive way of speaking. Even though I don’t always get his jokes, I remember the big smile he always had on his face. A warm and caring smile.

After the funeral, family members gather to enjoy the beautiful scenery overlooking the Sage II Vacation Home in Sawahlunto.

The last time I saw Uncle Amri was at the hospital and I couldn’t attend his funeral in his hometown, Sawahlunto. Funny thing, I always thought that he and I and Aunt Ita will visit Sawahlunto together some day. But that’s okay.

After graduating from high school in Sawahlunto, my uncle moved to Jakarta to go to college. Even after 48 years, he never forgot his hometown and visited it regularly. His heart belonged to Sawahlunto and that is where he wanted to return to. On Sawahlunto soil, close to the Sage II house, and under the Sawahlunto sky is where he chose to rest.

The grief and lost that our family is feeling with the passing of Uncle Amri is what autumn is all about. It is about releasing and letting go. The changes that come about because of it make us more mature and a better person. This is the phase my family, especially my aunt and her children, is going through at this time. Letting go of a loved one will make us grow spiritually and emotionally.

Rest in peace my uncle, Amri Djamiun, it was nice knowing you. Thanks for being part of our lives and teaching me this great lesson in life.


Visit the Sage II Vacation Home of Sawahlunto.

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