The Return of Mak Itam, the Oldest Locomotive in Indonesia

Long before Thomas the train became famous, there was Mak Itam running through the railways of West Sumatra, an island unknown to most parts of the world in the 19th century. Mak Itam (Mr. Black), the nick name given to the long sleek black locomotive, is Indonesia’s oldest train which first operated in Sawahlunto to transport coal for the Dutch Indies government. He was built by Hartmann Chemnitz from Esslingen, Germany, with the serial number E 1060. Now he is the icon of Sawahlunto and is the star of Sawahlunto’s train station museum which received UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation for the category Living Museum Town in 2009.


This locomotive is full of history. If Mak Itam could speak like Thomas he would be able to tell you how he witnessed the beginning and the end of the coal mining Dutch Indies enterprise. Traveling from Sawahlunto to Emmahaven (Telukbayur) Padang to transport coal, Mak Itam witnessed the first coal workers settlements in Sawahlunto. In fact, he may even know about some of the worst times in the history of Dutch occupation where people from other islands were forced to work to build the railways all through the 1890s. He also witnessed the fall of the coal mine industry and how it impacted on Sawahlunto’s economy and population.

Mak Itam was still on duty during the 1980s where he was sent to work and transport coal in Ambarawa, Central Java. However after only a short period he was called off duty in the 1990s and retired at the Amabrawa Train Station Museum. This is when he began his career in the tourism industry, taking tourists for a ride from the museum.

It was not until 2008 that he was brought back to his home town, Sawahlunto, and was back in operation in 2009. This time his job was to take tourists from the Sawahlunto Train Station to Muarakelaban. Mak Itam has also provided transportation for participants of the Tour de Singkarak, the last time in 2012.


Since his return, Mak Itam has settled at the Sawahlunto Train Station Museum. Opened in 2005, this museum displays photographs of Mak Itam during his youth and the Sawahlunto Train Station’s activities during the golden years of coal mining. It holds old train and communication equipment as well as miniature replicates of old locomotives.

Unfortunately, in 2013 Mak Itam suffered from combustion problems and was not able to operate. However, museum visitors could pay tribute to the historic Mak Itam in the museum where he was resting. Lack of government funds delayed Mak Itam’s regular operation in taking visitors from the train station. It took quite a while to figure out the way to repair Mak Itam, however in 2016, Indonesia’s locomotive experts have finally revived Mak Itam. In 13 June 2016, the Government of Sawahlunto launched the comeback of the legendary Mak Itam. He elegantly came dashing through the train tracks while a gathering crowd applauded with delight.

According to Sawahlunto’s Mayor, Ali Yusuf, Mak Itam will continue his important role in Sawahlunto’s tourism sector as soon as possible.


“Mak Itam Sang Legenda Sawahlunto”
“Menjenguk Mak Itam di Museum Kereta Sawahlunto”
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