Wild Boar Hunting in West Sumatra

Origins of Wild Boar Hunting

Wild boar hunting has been practiced since Ancient Greek and is a part of Greek mythodology and literature. Representations of boar hunting were also found in the literature and art of the Ancient Romans. Throughout Medieval Europe and the Renaissance, boar hunting was a favorite past time of nobles and the rich.

The wild boar is the ancestral species of the domestic pig. Its origin is Central Europe, the Mediterranean Region (including North Africa’s Atlas Mountains) and much of Asia, including Indonesia. Some literature has associated the old tradition of boar hunting with ritual and spirituality. However, in Asia, with the influence of Islam which views pigs as vermin, this tradition has been replaced by a different culture.

A range of methods of boar hunting was used throughout history, including pigsticking with a special spear, using elephants to chase and encircle boars, using traps, and maybe the most ancient method, using hunting dogs, a method still used widely in West Sumatra, Indonesia until today.

Wild boar hunting is a strong tradition in sawahlunto
Wild boar hunting is a strong tradition in Sawahlunto

In boar hunting, there are bay dogs and catch dogs. The bay dogs are used to seek for the boar and corner it. The catch dogs are then released to seize and hold down the boar. As a charging boar is considered very dangerous, some hunters hunt with bay and catch dogs together.

Nowadays, boar hunting is referred to as hog or pig hunting. Wild boars are usually hunted for their meat and to prevent them from damaging crops and forests. In some places, such as West Sumatra, wild boar hunting is a popular local sport activity.

on the way to the hunting location
On the way to the hunting location

Tourism Icon of West Sumatra

In West Sumatra, the practice of wild boar hunting using dogs is a still a strong tradition among the men in the villages and towns. The men of the town of Sawahlunto, for example, raise dogs in order to hunt pigs in the mountains and the rice terraces of the local farmers.

This tradition of wild boar hunting using dogs has, for several decades, become the most popular sport activity in West Sumatra. This led the local government to  promote wild boar hunting as a national tourism icon of the province. Many tourists visit West Sumatra, including Sawahlunto, to hunt hogs.

The Hunters
The hunters

West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno supports the promotion of wild boar hunting as a tourism icon of West Sumatra as it is expected to positively contribute to the welfare of the people in the province by providing the opportunity for the local communities to sell food and beverages at the hunting area.

Governor Irwan Prayitno has said that “The unique boar hunting activity is preferred by numerous parties, and it has the potential to be developed as a leading tourism event in West Sumatra” (Republika.co.id, 9/02/2015). He hopes that wild boar hunting events which are held in various districts will develop into a tourism icon of West Sumatra.

Wild Boar Hunting Around West Sumatra Today

What’s wild boar hunting around West Sumatra like today? Find out during your stay at Sage II Vaction Home. Wild boar hunting activities are often held near Sage II in Sawahlunto District. Do not miss this unique cultural event which gives you the feel of the history and tradition of the people of Sawahlunto.

 the hunt has just began
The hunt has just begun



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